why me?

Because I’ve written copy to launch new websites and to help existing ones grow. I’ve managed, and created content, for social media platforms for a multi-million pound company and a one-woman start-up. 

Because I write about things and places but never forget that the best stories are always about people. Always.

My photographs have been used in international magazines, local newspapers, websites, social media, on greeting cards, and to sell stuff.

Because my first novel was banned, Porsche won’t lend me cars, and Jeffrey Archer doesn’t like me. (But then I’ve always thought you should judge a man by his enemies rather than his friends…)

As an ex-prison governor I have managed many serious incidents including riots and hostage taking, murders and suicides. As I result, I have a fairly well-developed sense of equanimity. I am not a flaky, needy artistic type; if you commission me I’ll deliver on time, on budget, and without fuss.

Why not call me on +44 (0)7723 351791, email me at enquiries@carltonboyce.com or follow me on Twitter or Instagram?

Who knows, we might have fun.

Author of How To Become A Motoring Journalist available on Amazon